Driven by Values and Trust

CRG Wealth has been in the field of wealth management and financial services for over 20 years.

CRG Wealth is a team of young professionals, born with a great objective, of enabling wealth creation for our clients through quality and credible financial planning advisory services. CRG Wealth is a technology driven company offering independent, full-service, client-centric investment solutions, interconnecting various aspects of financial life and making our customer’s goals the center of the advice. 

We believe that every individual needs proper financial planning to lead a stress-free and fulfilling and happy life.

At CRG Wealth, we make sure every plan is tailored to each client’s current financial situation, future goals and risk appetite. 


Our mission is to provide accessible and personalized financial services, empowering individuals across India to achieve financial success. We are dedicated to offering expert guidance, making financial services available to all, and ensuring every Indian can turn their financial aspirations into reality.


Our vision is to become the leading force in shaping a financially secure and prosperous India. We aim to set new standards in the financial industry and be the go-to partner for those seeking financial stability, growth, and success, contributing to a brighter future for our clients and the nation as a whole.


Our core values include accessibility, empathy, trust, innovation, excellence, collaboration, and social responsibility. We are committed to making financial services accessible to all, understanding our client's unique needs, building trust through integrity, driving innovation, and striving for excellence.